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Penn Plax Dry Tech Dog and Puppy Training Pads 23 x 24



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Dry Tech Doggie Pads are treated with a scientifically formulated natural scent that attracts your pets to the pad, and with baking soda to help eliminate odors. These tear resistant pads contain a fast absorbing quilted fiber that quickly absorbs any mess turning liquids to gel immediately upon contact. The quilted fibers draw moisture into the pad keeping surface areas dry, and the durable blue plastic backing protects your floors and surfaces. The patented Leak Lok edges keep moisture in the pad and off your floor. Perfect for training puppies or providing assistance for aging or convalescing dogs who often feel bad when they cant wait or go outside.23 x 24 Super absorbent pads with Leak Lock edge prevent leaking and dripsGreat to use on kitchen or bedroom floors, kennels, dog crates, pet traveling cases, or in your car Perfect for trainingNatural attractant with baking soda added to eliminate odors

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