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Aqueon Pure Betta Beads Pink



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Aqueon PURE Betta Beads contain beneficial bacteria that help maintain a healthy environment in unfiltered aquariums. The beneficial bacteria aids in maintaining a balanced environment while the enzymes help breakdown organic sludge for better water clarity. These soft biodegradable balls create a fun enrichment activity for bettas while also encouraging their natural foraging behavior. Watch your betta play in the beads like a fun ball pit as they dive in and out. Replace the beads monthly and remove uneaten food for optimal results. If betta beads shrink prematurely, this is a quick indicator that the water hardness is not optimal for your betta. We recommend changing the water with soft deionized or specially filtered betta waters.Provides live beneficial bacteria and enzymes to maintain clear waterGreat environmental enrichment activity for Bettas Watch as they play in and out of the soft gravel like a fun ball pitSoft biodegradable gravel encourages the natural foraging behavior of bettas for mental stimulationAids in maintaining a healthy aquarium by breaking down organic sludge for a healthy balanced environmentFor use in unfiltered betta habitats. Add 1 pouch of betta beads per 1 gallon of water

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